First Person Mutiplayer Shooter Game set in 1930's
Current status: Pre-Alpha (and looking for funding)

Suits or Raincoats?

Mafia versus Detectives

Mafia-Times is the first mafia themed multiplayer shooter game set in 1930’s and you can choose a Mafia or Detective team. The core gameplay is Team Deathmatch, but we are also looking into other classic shooter gameplay (with our own approach) e.g. Capture the Loot, where you have to steal moneybags, gold bars and more from the other team. TL:DR; We will be heading back to the 'old skool' shooter genre. Just pick up a gun. Aim. Shoot. Score points and don't get hit.



A quick update on what we are working on so far ...

Our goal is to create the first Mafia themed first person shooter bringing back classic game play,
with immersive world locations and references to mafia films and classic shoot-outs.

Game Level Design (and more ... )

We have some cool "shoot-out" game scene ideas, that we took for inspiration, ... Think about the infamous train station staircase shootout in the Untouchables film starring Kevin Costner and Sean Connery. We have more ideas, but if you any interesting "shoot-out" map ideas or any other thoughts that might be a fantastic add-on to Mafia-Times, please, contact us and we will see if we can make it happen in the game.

Some map ideas that we have ...

Our ideas for the maps range from Chicago streets, New York, roofstops, shipyard docks, western towns ...

Level design

All game designs layout start with a piece of paper


No gangster game without Chicago, the hometown of Al Capone.

Grand Central Station

Recreate the infamous staircase shootouts from The Untouchables.


Jump rooftops, hide behind chimneys, slide down fire escapes.

Shipyard Docks

Dark, rainy and bad lit docks in the night, ships wait for their bootleg crates.


Fancy and luxurous lobby entries and prepare for corridor and hallway shootouts.

More ...

What kind of map ideas do you have?
Let us know!

Wanted: Testers & Supporters

We are looking game testers, supports and 'family' members ...

A good game is something that needs to be tested, over and over again. We don't think that we have all the know-how, so for us the most important thing is, is that we would like to hear from you if the gameplay, maps, game mechanics, animations etc. actually works and what other stuff e.g. gameplay, weapons, scenario's you would like to see within the game.

So if you feel up to alpha-beta-zeta-test the game? 

I want to be a tester !

Background story

Mafia-Times had been laying on the shelf for a couple of years ... and when a group of friends came back together, we thought it would be "a good idea" to finally pick up where we left off.

Our core team is now a collaboration of senior game developers and experienced game designers who have earned their stripes within the game industry and worked on games such as Killzone, Penarium in collaboration with Team17 (Worms) and even one was a distributor for Unity game engine - we also other experts such as designers, modellers, marketing, sales, testers and more friends who help us out.

Now in the middle of proving our game demo to potential investors or even thinking about kickstarting stuff ...  We hope we can get some money in, to not only pay for game production costs, but also create video game jobs for people who also seek a job and unique and high quality game IP
 ... starting with Mafia-Times.

So, if you want to help, support, work with us, finance, invest, share ideas ...
Let us know.

On behalf of the Mafia-Times team

Richard, Andre, Guus, Tibor, Maikel, Rick, Jeffry, Alexander, Snez, Vincent and many others in our extensive supporters and game network

What do others say?

Altough we are starting out, this is the response so far ...

"Wow - looks just like Hollywood quality"

Power Unlimited

Game Magazine Editor

"Can you please enter your game for the Dutch Game Awards ?"

Dutch Game Awards

We were asked twice. Now we are READY.

"When can I play?! When can I play?"


Lot of them ...

"Looks like a game I can' refuse"

A. Capone

Original Gangster

"What? There is no first person mafia game?"

Game producers

At Gamescom

"Wait? This is your demo? This way more than we ever had for our “Deliver us the Moon” demo - this is definitely a hit."

Paul Deetman

CEO Keoken Interactive

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