wireheads interactive present
first person multiplayer shooter game - set in the 1930's / 40's - mafia style

Mafia-Times is the first mafia themed multiplayer shooter game set in 1930’s 
TL:DR; We will be heading back to the ‘old skool’ shooter genre:
“Just pick up a gun. Aim. Shoot. Score points and don’t get hit.”

Game Goal


Capture local, national and international areas and territories with your family.

Mafia-Times: Multiplayer
Introducing a thrilling multiplayer game where you become part of a mafia family and aim to conquer the world of organized crime. As a first-person shooter, you’ll strategize with your team to capture and defend various areas, districts, cities, and locations inspired by classic Mafia themes and scenarios. Your ultimate goal is to climb the international ladder of mafiosi and outcompete other families for the top spot. Get ready to immerse yourself in the dangerous, gritty world of the Mafia and lead your family to victory.


" Mafia Themed"
Settings & Scenario's

Think of gangster shoot out scenes from ...

"The Untouchables" movie with that infamous staircase shootout?

"Last Man Standing" with Bruce Willis in a gangster western town?

or even one those godfather scenes? Or Gangster Squad?

this is your chance to relive and to revive them


America, Europe, Latin continents, cities and locations e.g. Italian village, New York City, Chicago Train stations, hotels, rooftops, western towns, farms, shipyards, docks, factories … you name it.


Various objectives: capture the loot, protect the don, last man standing, heist, capture territory, team death match and many more to come …


Each completed and captured district will benefit your team, your family. Think of the financial district, makiing you rich, the harbour to get you anywhere, industries to upgrade weapons, vehicles and more …

"The First Person Shooter
"Mafia" Multiplayer Game. "


Going up the ranks

There will be multiple ways to improve your character as Mafia-Times is skill and “family” suad based.

About the company: Wireheads Interactive

“We are a group of senior game developers and would like to call ourselves: ‘Wireheads Interactive ‘
INDIE/AAA video game company). 

We have a strong independent character – HENCE THE NAME “INDIE-AAA” – our focus is on creating high-end quality game IP combined with visual stunning action packed gaming experiences.


so what is the big idea?

you can choose join or create a mafia family team. 

The core gameplay is that you and your family need to conquer the world of mafia.


  • Platforms: PC (for now)
  • Genre: First Person Shooter 
  • Multiplayer: 8 – 32
  • Engine: Unreal Engine

core gameplay

  • Create your Mafia family
  • Conquer the World of Mafia
  • Pick up a gun and shoot
  • Fast, action packed


  • First Mafia FPS
  • Innovated “old skool” game modes
  • Unique Style and Experience
  • Local, National and International events

maps & locations

  • Immersive world locations and references to mafia films
  • Grand Central Station, Chicago, New York, Rooftops, Bars, Hotel Lobby’s, close and open range combat.

game mechanics

  • Squad based gameplay
  • Use environment and crafts to your advantage
  • Single player intertwined with multiplayer

levels & ranking

  • Go up ranks from soldier to capo di capi
  • Skill based specialisation; hitman, gangster, racketeer, mobster, …
  • Rank on local, national and international levels and achievements.


we are aiming at pc first. build a community... and then see what happens
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Gallery of Screenshots

About us

A short background story about us and how it got started

Mafia-Times had been laying on the shelf for a couple of years … and when a group of friends came back together, we thought it would be “a good idea” to finally pick up where we left off. 

Our core team is now a collaboration of senior game developers and experienced game designers who have earned their stripes within the game industry and worked on games such as Killzone, Penarium in collaboration with Team17 (Worms) and even one was a distributor for Unity game engine – we also have a great extensive network of other experts such as designers, modellers, marketing, sales, testers and other great friends who help us out.

Now in the middle of proving our game demo to potential investors or even thinking about kickstarting stuff …  We hope we can get some money in, to not only pay for game production costs, but also create video game jobs for people who also seek a job and unique and high quality game IP
 … starting with Mafia-Times.

So, if you want to help, support, work with us, finance, invest, share ideas …

Let us know.

On behalf of the Mafia-Times team:

Richard, Andre, Maikel, Guus, Rick, Jeffry, Alexander, Vincent, Xander, Tibor, Tom, Jord and many others in our extensive supporters and game network.

What do people say?

Altough we are just starting out, this is the response so far ...

"Wow - looks just like Hollywood quality"
Power Unlimited
Game Magazine
"Can you please enter your game for the dutch game awards?'
Dutch Game Garden
Some time ago ...
"can i play it yet? when?"
who saw the demo
"looks like a game i can't refuse"
A. Capone
orignal gangster
"what? this is your demo? this is definitely a hit. this is even more than we had for our 'deliver us the moon' hit. looks great!"
Paul Deetman
ceo at keoken interactive
"wait? what? there is no other mafia first person shooter game?
Game Developers
at gamescom

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